The Batman and Suicide Squad 2 Reddit Leaks


Warner Bros and DC are trying to right their cinematic ship.  Aquaman comes out this December.  Then, next year Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 2 are scheduled for release. Films in development include Green Lantern Corps, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad 2, and The Batman. For the last two, a Reddit user recently dropped some studio gossip.

As always, Reddit posts are unverified and could be a prank.  However, earlier posts have broken news later proven to be true.   These newest leaks involve the development of Suicide Squad 2 and The Batman.

Suicide Squad 2 – Characters’ Retcon?

DC is trying to win back fans by going back to the source material.  Reddit stated that the current Suicide Squad actors will stay in their roles, but the cast will get a makeover.  Warner Bros is changing the characters looks to be closer to their comic book counterparts.

Specifically, Jared Leto’s joker will lose many or all of his tattoos.  Joker will also drop the gold jewelry and get a wardrobe more in-line with the comics.  His chrome smile will remain as a possible story point of Batman trying to get rid of his evil grin.  Famed comic book writer turned Hollywood producer Geoff Johns is closely involved in the production.

This sounds similar to what DC Comics did when changing the DC New 52 to DC Rebirth.  Existing stories remained, but the characters began dressing and acting like their original Pre-52 versions.  Some characters like Superman and Wonder Woman had supernatural events that reconciled differences too big to explain.  New 52 Superman was a bachelor.  Rebirth Superman married Lois Lane and they have an adolescent son.

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