STAR WARS: Ron Howard Talks More SOLO Movies, Lando Movie And MORE!


I’ve made it pretty well known how much I enjoyed SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Sure it has it’s issues, especially that first act, but all in all the film was made for the fans. It’s the first Star Wars film to include an array of Easter eggs, and damn good ones. True Star Wars fans would get all the Clone Wars references and even some classic novel eggs sprinkled around for good measure. The film left more than a few threads open for future projects, including maybe seeing Han join Jabbas gang, Lando’s adventures before Cloud City, Qi’ra joining Maul in Crimson Dawn etc.

In an interview this week director Ron Howard gave some interesting details on if he might have gave some hints of a SOLO sequel and if we will indeed get a Lando stand alone film. Talking to EMPIRE MAGAZINE, Howard was asked about a blueprint for a sequel,

“It’s been kind of a constant process of asking the questions – how might this have happened? How might have Han Solo been affected? What are the events that might have shaped his life? I think it does continue to beg questions. The fans seem enthusiastic, and so maybe there’s going to be interest in exploring those.”

We know a sequel can take place before the events of A New Hope, and they even dropped a huge hint when Han talked about joining a major gangster’s crew on Tattooine and we all know this is Jabba the Hutt. Howard also included the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn and let’s not forget there are still four other major syndicates scattered thru out the Star Wars Universe, so can we see more of the darker side of the galaxy? Howard says,

“Potentially one would think it might be kind of interesting to see what a war amongst the Syndicates looks like. There’s nothing concrete there, but that’s interesting territory. In what movie and through which character’s perspective that might emerge… I think everybody feels like that’s rich territory to explore in the movie universe.”

And when asked about a Lando stand alone film Howard says,

“He’s so entertaining, that’s a real possibility. All of this is in discussion, but it all depends on project-by-project development.”

One of the biggest scene stealers of Solo would hands down be the feisty Droid L3-37, but she has an untimely end. After she passes, Lando uploads her Navigational system into the Falcon which then makes sense why Han always spoke to the Falcon in later films and even calls it Girl at some points. But is that the end of L3? Howard adds,

Is there some way that Lando could rebuild L3? One would hope, wouldn’t you. Maybe the Falcon gets to keep a bit of that super-intelligence but Lando could maybe, somehow, someday find his way to reconstructing L3.”

Now when it came to that shocking reveal that Darth Maul was the leader of Crimson Dawn, thus making Qi’ra his soon to be second in command. She essentially leaves without Han and he had to realize that she was not coming back and they had to go there separate ways once and for all. Howard didn’t feel like this was a act of betrayal but a she was doing Han a favor adding,”In my mind, she knew she couldn’t run off with Han. It would be his death and hers,” he said. He then concludes with,

“She set him up to go, assuring him that she’d follow, but knowing she couldn’t really. She had to clean this situation up as best as she could. I think she hoped she could report in and then disappear, but [Maul] trapped her. He said, ‘Come to Dathomir and we’re going to be working closely together’, and you realise, ‘Oh my god, she’s traded one oppressive boss in for an even scarier dude’. In a way it fuels her ambition and puts her in a position of heightened power, perhaps. Or heightened danger. I thought it was kind of courageous for her.”

I’m sure we will see what happens with Qi’ra in future comics or novels. Maybe she succeeds Maul after the events of REBELS.

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