STAR WARS Fans Come To Kelly Marie Tran’s Defense With Rose Fan Art


Earlier this week we reported that The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran had deleted her Instagram account because of the constant harassment had been getting from fans. It’s assumed that Tran had been getting constant messages from Star Wars fans who hated her portrayal of Rose Tico. From messages about her race to even her weight, it’s said Tran couldn’t take it anymore and she reacted by ghosting social media. Tran has yet to comment or even respond to this news, so fans everywhere have taken to her defense and have been showing her love in some of the best ways possible.

So fans decided the best way they can show Tran what Rose meant to them would be thru fan art, and they keep on coming. Some of these pieces are a work of art, and it’s so amaZing to see the love and support for an amazing actress that brought a wonderful character to life in the Star Wars universe. Even her co-stars and peers have taken to her defense. From Mark Hamill to even Rian Johnson, it shows what kind of impression Tran made on the Last Jedi crew. She’s was so excited to be the first Asian American to star in a Star Wars film that she was proud that her fans had already started cosplaying as her way before the film came out.

I can’t wait to see where Episode IX director JJ Abrams takes the Rose character. Hateful Star Wars Trolls need to realize that she’s not going anywhere and if anything Rose might have a bigger role now. With Episode IX starting production next month I’m sure Tran will finally speak up and thank all her fans that have been there for her. If you’d like to see some of the amazing fan art that fans have created for Tran all you need to do is check out #FanArtForRose. Here are some of pieces below. Enjoy!

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