REVIEW: The Immortal Hulk #1 Aims For Horror, Lands On Meh


What am I talking about this time: The Immortal Hulk #1


Written by: Al Ewing

Art by Joe Bennett

Crazy Great Cover by comic icon Alex Ross


Overall Review: 3 out of 5 Hulks, but only for the cover and concept.

Is it worth a 4.99? No. Maybe for a collector’s item or the Alex Ross cover, otherwise, wait for a sale or the price to drop in later printings?


Spoiler Free Review:

Some background, 2 years ago when we were all playing the hot new game Pokemon Go on our new iPhone 7’s, Bruce Banner got killed in Civil War 3 by Hawkeye’s special arrow. It was dumb. Everyone knew the Hulk would be back, but it hasn’t really happened till now.

The Idea for this comic is great; bring back the Hulk as a Horror movie. He’s a big scary monster; let’s treat him like one. Cool, I’m in. And the first half of this comic does just that and it works pretty well. But once the Hulk shows up the whole thing kinda tanks, the art gets lame and the writing goes south as well. More importantly, the hulk is kinda joker-esk now with broad smiles and lame lines that might be jokes or bad writing, I can’t tell. Now, I’m not crazy about a smart Hulk, I prefer dumb and angry, but I’m not opposed to it. But this is, just silly.

The book has some really great art in it, setting tone with some moody framing and reactions, and later some great action, but then the hulk shows up and his body is fine, but his face looks like Frankenstein drawn by an arthritic blind man or maybe Salvador Dali taking a shot as his rendition of 1962 Hulk head?

I don’t know. I don’t like it and it’s almost as bad as the crappy dialogue and ending.

Spoilery Review:

The Comic starts on a gas station being robbed by a young guy. He’s nervous and freaks out killing everyone in store, including the teller, a 12 year old girl, and Bruce Banner. Bruce has time to get angry, his eyes glow green, then the bullet enters his head and he drops. It’s pretty cool.

They all end up in morgue and that night, the deceased banner turns into hulk, alive.

Hulk tracks down the shooter at a biker gang handout and trashed them in a pretty good sequence, leaving the shooter for last. Here’s where the comic shits the bed. Hulk looks dumb as hell as he reveals himself telling the guy he tracked him cause he, “can smell a liar.” Is this a joke? A threat? A new power? None of these answers matter, cause it’s dumb. And the smiling? It’s ummm… excessive, not scary, and undoes everything they’ve set up. I think they wanted evil and ended up with unsettling in the wrong way.

He beats the guy to death and them we have the standard after scene with a cop telling a reporter that the Hulk is back… o

Our final shot is Bruce looking into a mirror asking “I’m not a bad person, am I?” To a smiling Hulk in the mirror.

Ugh. Lanny McDonald Authentic Jersey

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