REVIEW: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Nightwing – Nightwing Vs. Hush #1… NOPE!


What am I talking about this time: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Nightwing – Nightwing Vs. Hush #1

Written by:

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Travis Moore

Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque

Overall Review: 1.5 out of 5 Hush heads

Is it worth a 3.99? Naaaah


Spoiler Free Review:

When a big comic event happens, comic companies like to surround the main event with small events that tie in the big one, without actually effecting it. For the most part, these side stories aren’t nearly as good as the main event, because if they were… they would put them in the main event itself. So, these comics tend to be little more than cash grabs. In the previous iteration of Prelude To The Wedding, we saw Damian Wayne fight his demons, both imaginary and real(?) and come to terms with his father’s new bride. It was a great story, worth of the main event, so I went into this comic with high expectations. Sadly, this is exactly what I thought the first one would be, a lack luster tale filled with nothing but filler.


When Hush first came out, it was Jeph Loeb at his finest. Great arc, great characters, and it set the stage for a great villain. Than DC flushed him down the toilet, making the character less and less threatening and more silly. This comic furthers that with a ridiculous adventure that firmly pushes the character into nonsense territory.


Also, the story sucks.

I (obviously) hated this comic, let’s find out why.


Spoilery Review:


First of all, let’s talk about the cover for a sec. It’s Hush fighting Nightwing, each calling the other an imposter. At first this is cool, but then, you think about it and it doesn’t make any sense. Does Hush think Nightwing is pretending to be someone he isn’t? And for Nightwing, I get that once Hush tried be Batman/Bruce Wayne, but now he’s basically a mummy. Maybe that’s it. Hush is pretending to be the mummy.


Anyway, a the lamest Bachelor Party of all time… and I don’t mean dull, well, I do but, not in the way you’re thinking. This is The Batman’s bachelor party, thrown by Superman and Nightwing… and it’s just unoriginal and lazy. There is no thought or creativity put into these guys being driven around in a limo to a burger joint filled with other people in costume… cause that’s it.

Eventually, Hush attacks them and in the ensuing battle, Hush and Nightwing fall through a portal (which was meant to lead to a dimension where they could fish…. No joke) and land in basically, Stranger Thing’s upside down, but with faceless zombies and what amounts to The Dude from Big Lebowski…but with no face.

No joke.

Also, has Hush’s belt always had 2 H’s on it?! What the shit is that about?!

So, Nightwing and Tommy have to team up and escape to Wayne Manor than Hush/Tommy reveals his new face is that of Nightwing!!!!!! What a Twist!!!

Except it’s not and it makes no sense and it is garbage.

Nightwing escapes and Tommy gets left back in the in-between, or maybe Tommy escaped and Nightwing got left back… wouldn’t that be another twist!?!!

Answer: No.


Nightwing and Batman have a heart to heart chat.


The end.

Oh yeah, the joker carves a heart into Riddler’s chest. Jerry Rice Authentic Jersey

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