E3 2018: ANTHEM Goes Full Iron Man In BioWare’s First New IP In 10 years


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EA & BioWare showed its cards at EA Play’s press conference, by kicking off this year’s first big drop of E3, a wonderful new cinematic trailer for the new 1st person shooter, Anthem. This is BioWare’s first new IP in 10 years, although it doesn’t feel all that original, looking like an amalgam of Destiny and Titanfall – It looks beautiful and fun as hell.

In the game, players become “Freelancers”, armored explorers who get sent into uncharted worlds. Players get to wear Mach 5…er… Power Arm…er “Javelins”, customizable exo-suits that look like the Iron Man suit got busy with Dead Space.

The story sets you up against the Dominion, as they twist the Anthem Of Creation into a weapon. The Anthem Of Creation was last used by The Shapers to create the very world you are battling on, the history of which you’ll spend a lot of time discovering.There’s a lean towards cooperative play, although BioWare insists that anti-social people like me will be able to play solo as well.


I keep making fun of the Iron Man/Anthem relationship, but check this out… these shots from the trailer.

Also, I love the part where the Green Ranger saves Kimberly.


While I’m mocking the Avengers aspects of this game, I am 1000% on board here. While watching the gameplay I was literally shouting, “I want to fly like Iron Man!” . When engaging “Scars” (Hostile creatures) there is a damage point system in place, even though EA calls this game an “action adventure” and not a RPG, which honestly is a bit of relief for me, cause it’s exactly what I wanted. The gameplay moves on to follow your team of as they fly around the planet (“I want to fly like Iron Man!”) and eventually fight a giant brain(?) monster. We can only hope this game is as fun as it looks.

Anthem releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, February 22, 2019Jameson Taillon Jersey

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