Telltale Games Gives Us A First Peek At The Walking Dead: The Final Season


Telltale Games announced the return of Clementine in the fourth and final season of their critically acclaimed video game based on The Walking Dead universe.

In the trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Clementine and her young companion, AJ, are singing on a bridge as Clementine catches fish, when the mood turns somber as AJ stares into the stream below at a dead walker submerged in the water.

“I don’t remember a time without monsters.” Says a sullen AJ, and Clementine proceeds to quiz him on the rules of survival.

“What’s the first rule?”

“Never go alone,” AJ continues to gaze out at the picturesque scenery.

“And what do we do when the monsters come?”

AJ pulls a pistol from his pocket as he turns to her, “We shoot them in the head.”

“And what else?” urges Clementine, as AJ looks away. “Always save the last bullet for yourself.”

And then, just when you think it can’t get darker, as the two sit in silence for a few seconds, Clementine’s look hardens, as she says, “Now, what do you do if I get bit?”

Telltale games promises an even more exciting experience than previous seasons, adding an over-the-shoulder perspective, more access and detail to explore environments, as well as “scenes with unscripted combat create the most engaging The Walking Dead game yet.”

Telltale also hopes their new Graphic Black art style will provide a richer visual experience, which will be especially beneficial to those who are playing on a 4K or HDR capable system.

Available languages for The Final Season will include versions of the game dubbed in Spanish, Brazilian Portugese, German, and French. Subtitles will be available in these languages, as well as Russian, Italian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

For those who may be new to the gaming franchise, or those who may want to revisit the previous seasons before the newest episodes are available, Telltale Games has announced a special offer: If you pre-order The Walking Dead: The Final Season for PC, Xbox One or PS4, you will also get access to The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection, which has all the previous seasons in one bundle, so you’ll be able to buy the entire series for $19.99. Score!

Preorders start this Friday, June 8th, and The Final Season will be available August 14th.

Telltale Games is expected to release more information on the last installment of their video game saga next week during E3.

Details on The Final Season here:

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