Solo: A Star Wars Story Spoilers: How Will That Huge Enfys Nest Twist Change Canon?


If you haven’t seen Solo, you might want to skip this article to not spoil yourself! (However, it is entirely possible that by now you’ve been spoiled thanks to social media.) However, if you’ve remained spoiler-free for the Star Wars movie Solo, keep this article in the back of your head to come back to read!

In the Solo movie that hit theatres a couple weeks ago, we learned a huge amount of information on Han Solo, of course, and what he did before he entered the Star Wars world in A New Hope. While a huge amount of information entered the Star Wars canon for Han, something else entered the canon of Star Wars, changing canon of something that had been true in the Star Wars universe for years.

Enfys Nest, played by 19-year-old Erin Kellyman, was part of a gang that Han meets during the movie. They rode around on bikes and tagged heists. All around, not too much of a big deal. At the end of the movie, we realize that West is part of a proto-rebellion, and Han gives them money, millions of credits, to help start the rebellion. Originally, Enfys Nest was just a general character, and did not have the big impact on the rebellion that Solo gave them. When they were originally thugs, they’re now pretty much the reason that we have Star Wars in the first place.

Talk about a twist.

Especially when the ‘original’ members (if this is even true anymore), include Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and Padme Amidala – people you might remember just a bit if you’ve watched I, II, and III. Obviously, we need more information about when Enfys took the money Han gave them and used it, and when exactly started the rebellion and how they fit in.

It looks like this might be just what Lucasfilms needs for a Solo sequel. Senio Kelemete Authentic Jersey

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