REVIEW: Batman #48 Begs The Question: Who Is Batman’s Best Man?


What am I talking about this time: Batman #48


Written by: Tom King

Art by: Mikel Janin

Cover by: Mikel Janin

Variant cover by: Olivier Coipel


Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Batgagement rings

Is it worth a 2.99? YUP!!!


Spoiler Free Review:

This us a tough one to get into without exploring the plot details, so lets dance a round a burning bush for a bit, shall we? The Joker finally makes his move in a well-written story that has some harsh violence, intense insanity, and some truly great art that underlines it all. The dialogue is spot on, and you have no idea what will happen from one page to the next.


Side Note: There is something about the character design of this joker that I always hate at first glance, until it slowly grows on me. I can’t put my finger on it… but there’s something there…

Spoilery Review:

The Joker is attacking a church in Gotham and killing everyone in it. He gets down to the bride and groom and then just the bride. Batman comes in and the Joker begins one of the best Joker monologues of all time, he doubles back on his words, changed tenses and perspectives, its great writing.

This is almost the entire comic here, the Joker monologue-ing in the church to Bats as he cycles through hostages of the bride, batman, and the joker himself; It’s absolutely insane and perfect.

Eventually, the joker turns the gun on himself when he keeps killing his own hostages, and asks Batman to kneel with him in front of the cross and pray. Side by side, he explodes a bomb panted in the cross, just as he asks Batman, “Am I your best man?”

The Joker approaches Batman aiming the barrel of the gun at him.

Outside the church a bang rings out as Catwoman watches, repeating Bruce’s apparent last words to her, “Stay here, Cat. He’s not like anyone else, Cat. He’s too dangerous, Cat. He’ll hurt you, Cat. He’ll kill you, Cat. Stay here, my love. Please.”

As she swings towards the church.

A quick note- Tom King is fucking killing it, you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story arc this long with this many fantastic issues in a row. Especially based on such a money-grab premise as Batman getting married. I honestly don’t know where this is going, but wherever Tom King takes us, I’m in! Fabian Moreau Womens Jersey

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