Paramount’s “Heathers” TV Series Is No Longer Happening, For Now



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Paramount Network will no longer be airing the TV series “Heathers”, a reboot of the 1988 film of the same name.

Heathers will not be aired on any viacom-owned cabler or platform but Paramount Network President of Development and Production Keith Cox hopes to land the franchise elsewhere.

Originally, the series was set to debut on March 7 but had been pushed due to the tragic events of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida that had left 17 dead. According to the Hollywood Reporter, sources said that Paramount Network had considered an early July release but that was also scrapped after another tragic school shooting at the Houston-area Santa Fe High School that left 10 dead. For those who are familiar with the original cult classic movie and the dark subjects it touches upon about high schools, there’s no surprise as to why these events have a sparked a halt on the series. Keith Cox said in an interview with THR:

“This is a high school show, we’re blowing up the school, there are guns in the school, it’s a satire and there are moments of teachers having guns. It’s hitting on so many hot topics. This company can’t be speaking out of both sides of its mouth, saying the youth movement is important for us and we’ve done all these wonderful things to support that and at the same time, we’re putting on a show that we’re not comfortable with.”

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The show has completed production and already has plans for a second season.

So much work has gone into the show already with production on the 10-episode first season having long been completed and a second season nearly finished being written and no longer set at a high school. The show was originally developed for TV Land with the original pilot being filmed in November 2016. In his interview with THR, Keith Cox says that they are shopping the show to “numerous places….can’t say yet because we’re in the middle of it”. So the chance of it’s revival hasn’t been written off yet.

You can see the previously released Red Band trailer for the show here.

Do you think that the show deserves to be aired or that it shouldn’t ever see the light of day, let us know in the comments below. The story was first reported by Hollywood Reporter.

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