TITANS Set Photos Reveal First Look At Jason Todd


The DC Streaming Service known as DC Universe is well underway with getting it’s shows into production, the furthest along being Titans, a live action surrounding the famous DC Comic’s team: Teen Titans. It is currently filming and we have had plenty of set photos, a couple of which have seemingly revealed our first look at Jason Todd.

In the photo’s we can see Curran Walters (who was cast as Jason Todd) doing some filming for the show. What is interesting to see is that he is just in regular clothing and not a superhero costume, so will Jason be suiting up at all or just being a side character?



Jason Todd is a fan favourite character from DC Comic’s as he was the second person to take up the mantle of Robin after Dick Grayson retired from Robin to become Nightwing. After Jason was tragically killed by The Joker in the “Death In The Family” story, he was later resurrected by the Lazarus Pit and came back to Gotham City as the murderous vigilante known as The Red Hood.

The set photos from the Titans Brasil Twitter account give you absolutely nothing to go on but we do see Curran Walters stood outside of a house. This could be Jason’s home where he grew up, seeing as he had a rough upbringing; the show could be exploring that element of the character.

Now it would make sense for Jason Todd to show up in the show given that Brenton Thwaites is playing the first Robin: Dick Grayson. So if Dick is moving away from Batman by leading the Titans and starting on his journey becoming Nightwing, it would make sense that the next Robin would be around. It’s difficult to pin point what Jason’s involvement is but it does line up with the idea that Dick Grayson has been Robin, moved on from Batman so now Bruce is looking for a new sidekick. Is Jason working with Batman at this point?, or is this how Batman comes across him due to contact with Dick? It is hard to say at this point in time.

Now fans mostly love the character due to him becoming the vigliante Red Hood later in his life. Will Jason suit up as Red Hood? This is unlikely as Jason will most likely be just starting his life as a crime fighter, so if they are following the comics then this would be out of place. What is more likely is that Dick Grayson will fully become Nightwing by the end of the first season and will pass on his Robin suit to Jason.

The live action Titans show is definitely shaping up to be something awesome as it seems to be including many elements that will please many of the hardcore DC fans watching the series. We still have no word on when this will be releasing but it will be sure to have quite the impact when it arrives at some point in 2018.

Source: @DCTitansBrasil 

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