STAR WARS VR Team To Make Big Announcement At E3 Next Week.


When you go to Downtown Disney these days, the hottest thing to do outside of the park hands down is the STAR WARS: SECRETS OF THE EMPIRE VR experience. You join three other friends and become immersed as a stormtrooper on Mustafar and it’s one of the closest things to being in the Star Wars universe without actually get shot with a blaster. The creators of the immersive VR ILMxLAB have been awfully quiet for a while and that’s about to change next week when they attend E3. ILMxLAB will host a panel discussing some big upcoming surprises as part of the E3 Coliseum session that runs during the 3 days. Details about the session have been quiet, and even the location of the panel has been kept mum, but host Geoff Keighley did note that the company will “talk about the future” during the session.

There’s a few reasons they are hosting a panel, one possibility is they will announce a brand new story to the VR. I myself actually payed the $35 to play the game but I can promise you Mustafar is a planet I’d like to only visit once and honestly a change of scenery would keep the attraction fresh. So far ILMxLAB has produced short but essential VR experiences like Trials on Tattooine and Droid Repair Bay, both of which fulfill the dreams of Star Wars fans around the world. I honestly feel if you’re going to announce something at E3 then it better be big. So I’m expecting big things next week from ILMxLAB. Isaac Seumalo Jersey

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