Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Filled With SWEU Easter Eggs That Don’t Mean Much, No Matter How Much We Wish They Did


Whatever you thought of Solo: A Star Wars, the film went to great lengths to reference the Star Wars Extended universe. My fav was the Tag and Bink hint that Ron Howard himself tipped us to, a call back to a comedic SW comic series.

Other references, have sparked grand dreams and great debates on what is and isn’t cannon now. A prime example of this is just popped up in the book, The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which reveals that set decorator, Lee Sandales, tossed a little EU into Dryden Vos’s desk. “The stone base, that Dryden has plundered from the Sith temple of Exar Kun…”

Exar Kun was a Sith who defied death long long longtime ago and essentially fought Luke and his disciples.

It’s not a great story and he since, he appeared here and there. When Disney tossed out the old EU, one of the best and most popular series Knights of the Old Republic (both games and books), went with it. And now, a lot of fans are using this desk as a rally, claiming that KOTOR is coming back… But sadly, this doesn’t seem true.

Now, I loved the game and read the comics surrounding it, but an art book mention to a REFRENCE in the game doesn’t have me running to the closet to dust off my Darth Malak mouth guard. These fans, are getting excited about a reference to a reference, and using that line as a tether to Kotor. It’s like me saying that I owned a VHS copy of The Wizard, starring Fred Savage and then someone writes an article about that proves that it’s possible to beat the 4:57.41 Mario Speed run record.

This is even less exciting when you examine how the new Star Wars Cannon has handled the old EU references. Just like the black hole in the Kessel Run, it’s there, but in a whole different way. This has been the majority of how these Easter Eggs are used, they touch on them or mention them, but if anything more is given to them they are changed, radically different from what we have come to know.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing, because some of that EU stuff was garbage (I’m looking at you Han Solo Trilogy).

But, it does mean that Disney is looking at the world that was built and hasn’t just swept it under the rug to be forgotten. Which is something.





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