POWER RANGERS: Sequel or Reboot? What’s More Important?


As we walk into the new age of Power Rangers with the recent acquisition of the franchise by Hasbro. We must look at the Power Rangers movie franchise and what direction it should go in. Last year we got a great movie done by Lionsgate that did not perform as we thought it would but still gave us a taste of seeing our spandex colored heroes on the big screen once again. Now this movie did give us its own outlook of the Power Rangers mythos from the Zeo crystal, to Zordon and Rita being the original Green and Red Rangers and leaving us with the mystery of the legend Tommy Oliver in a post credit scene.

I for one enjoyed delving into this new world and wish they would expound on it more. At the same time though with Hasbro at the helm it would be nice to see their take on the franchise. We can see Hasbro’s production when it came to Transformers with Paramount. Even after the Michael Bay mess they still seemed to capture our love for the robots from Cybertron.


So, I pose the question to you all. What’s more important a sequel or a reboot? Does Hasbro appease fans of the 2017 blockbuster? Or do they take the time to produce their own cinematic universe for fans to enjoy! Devontae Booker Jersey

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