Marvel Comics Teases Possible Death of The Guardians


Marvel Comics recent released a promo of what is to come from Marvel’s Space Adventures in the near future. The last known whereabouts of Starlord and his rag tag team is currently involved with the story arc Infinity War. We can now wonder if The Guardians will make it out alive of this current war due to the current promo going around. For the mean time, let’s look forward to our new team… The Asguardians of The Galaxy!

The Guardians of the Galaxy most recent run ended at Issue #150. The Guardians has a history of never making it past issue 200. Does it feel like may Marvel should just leave this series on the big screen? Maybe making this comic involved with the Aguardians is the best move.

Not too long ago, we found out the hard way that The Guardians Ongoing was being cancelled when Writer Geryy Duggan released on twitter:

 “Folks, Guardians Of The Galaxy IS wrapping at #150, but it’s because I pitched a story to @Marvel that was way bigger than just Guardians. HUGE stories are coming your way beginning in February. More soon.”

Shortly After the Guardians of The Galaxy was cancelled, a new image emerged from Marvel. Jerry Duggan certainly had something huge in mind. His vision involved Starlord, Old Man Logan, and Captain Marvel.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are not new to having a reboot done to this comic. It has been restarted 3 times since it’s release in 2013. Members have switched constantly! At some point Peter Quill ends up leaving the crew after breaking up with Kitty Pride (and Pride ends up taking the leadership role), Fantastic Four‘s The Thing joins the crew, and even Venom hops in cockpit to become a Guardian for a short time. It’s seems The Guardians Of The Galaxy have had a rough history and a hard time pushing out good story since it’s re-release in 2013.

Does this new promo mean that Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket won’t make it out alive after Infinity Wars? Our current Guardians are working with Nova so that could mean they will be absorbed into The Nova Corps? And, when do the Asguardians step in? Does this new crew involve Thor? Damn you, Gerry Duggans, you pitched one hell of a story. Hopefully, this is all worth the at out at the end.

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