“Incredibles 2” On Pace To Become Fandango’s Biggest Animated Pre-Seller Of All Time


Disney Pixar’s “Incredibles 2,” voted #1 most anticipated family movie of 2018 in a Fandango moviegoer survey, is now strutting its pre-sales super powers on Fandango.  Busting into theaters on June 15, “Incredibles 2” is on pace to become Fandango’s biggest animated pre-seller of all time and one of the summer’s biggest hits.

The film is out-pacing the current animated pre-sales record-holder on Fandango “Finding Dory,” at the same point in the sales cycle, along with other summer blockbusters from the past two years, including “Wonder Woman,” “Spider-man Homecoming,” and “Suicide Squad.”

“Fans have been waiting over a decade to see the return of Pixar’s most beloved heroic family, and those years of anticipation are leading to record-breaking advance ticket sales for ‘Incredibles 2’,” said Erik Davis, Fandango managing editor. “The film is already receiving terrific early buzz, and with summer vacation in full swing for many kids, ‘Incredibles 2’ is poised to become one of season’s biggest hits.”

Fans who buy tickets for “Incredibles 2” on Fandango can choose one of two complimentary* movie posters (including an exclusive “Silhouette” poster of the Supers) as a gift with purchase from Fandango FanShop, while supplies last.

Fandango FanShop is also offering a curated selection of “Incredibles 2” gear and collectibles, including Elastigirl’s “Incredible Mom” and “Stretch to My Limits” t-shirts, Edna Mode’s “It’s My Way or the Runway” t-shirt, and Funko Pop! figures of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, Dash, Jack-Jack, the Underminer, and others. Buffalo Bills Jersey

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