Exclusive: Vince McMahon Biopic ‘PANDEMONIUM’ Character Breakdowns Include A Young Hulk Hogan And More!


The larger than life story of WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has been Pandemonium at times. Soon you’ll get to see his life on the big screen and That Hashtag Show knows who’s joining him.

TriStar Pictures is planning to produce a biographical film based on the life and rise of Vince McMahon. Tentatively titled Pandemonium, the project will serve as McMahon’s first time receiving an in-depth, cinematic profile.

Writer-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who worked together on I Love You, Phillip Morris, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Focus, have been tapped to the direct the film. McMahon has given the script his approval after several tweaks were made, and the film is believed to cover his ascension in the wrestling business.

Vince McMahon began his wrestling career as an announcer for his father’s WWWF promotion in the 1970s, before buying the company from his dad in the early 1980s. An elaborate expansion plan saw the renamed WWF become WWE, the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet in the 1980s, and a PPV and television sensation.

Now That Hashtag Show has exclusively pinned down some of the famous characters we can expect to see in Pandemonium:

VINCE McMAHON (Lead Male 30-40) – Son of Vince McMahon senior. He eventually takes over the World Wide Wrestling’s Federation (WWWF) and transforms it into a wildly successful empire. Driven by a desperate need for his father’s approval, he constantly strives to prove himself. He is a radical who believes in delivering true entertainment to the audience — with a story and characters for each match.


LINDA McMAHON (Lead Female 30-40) – Her husband’s business partner and essential component of WWF’s success.

GORILLA MONSOON (Supporting Lead Male  45-55) – 400 pound behemoth, old-time wrestling star. He foregoes retirement to help McMahon run WWF. An expert on wrestling, he trains Hulk Hogan and helps transform him into a star.


HULK HOGAN (Supporting Lead Male 20-30) – Flowing blonde hair with superhuman build. He is recruited by McMahon and transformed into an all-American wrestling star. His wrestling skills are poor, but steroids turn him into a monster.

VINCE McMAHON SENIOR (Supporting Male 50-60) – A cross between corporate executive and used car salesman. He reluctantly passes the WWF to his son, even though he does not support his over-the-top style. He is ashamed when Vince Jr. claims that wrestling is not a sport.


TED TURNER (Cameo Male 40-50) – The extravagant founder and head of CNN. Hugh Hefner with a pinch of Colonel Sanders. He does not take wrestling seriously and refuses to put the WWF on the air. He later attempts to ruin McMahon’s reputation.

DR. GEORGE ZAHORIAN (Cameo Male 40-50) – A doctor hired by McMahon to administer drugs to his wrestlers. He eventually catches the attention of the FBI.

EMILY FEINBERG (Cameo Female 20-30) – McMahon’s pretty secretary who begins a sexual involvement with him and later accuses him of rape.



Yes, we get a Hulk Hogan “origin” story in Pandemonium. Yes, I am already in line for this movie.

Although these are the only characters we’ve learned to appear so far, expect to see other famous people from McMahon’s past showing up in Pandemonium. Many wrestlers were integral in helping him get to where he is today. Who wouldn’t want to see names like Andre the Giant and Randy Savage make a cameo appearance?

The original script for Pandemonium, written by Craig A. Williams back in 2015, has been subjected to several rewrites since WWE Studios became attached to the project, but is now ready for production. Last year we first heard the rumor that an offer was made to Bradley Cooper to star as Vince McMahon, the brash, outspoken WWE boss. With highly respected Glenn Ficarra and John Requa on board to direct the film, the only big missing piece that remains was the man for the lead role—and it’s Cooper they covet.

There’s no question that this will be one of the most interesting movies to cast in a long, long time. The question now is does the A-list actor want—and/or have the time—to take on the McMahon role in Pandemonium. No official word from the Cooper camp as of yet, but the wheels have been put in motion.


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