Disneyland’s Annual Passport Holders Feel Drastic Changes As Star Wars Land Approaches


Well, we all knew it was coming, and here it is. Disneyland informed Annual Passport holders, via email, that the AP program would be changing in anticipation of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge next summer.

This news comes as no surprise. Disneyland has had crowd control issues with concern to Annual Passholders for some time. Like clock work, in February 2018, all admission prices, including Annual Passes, were raised significantly and fans fo the parks started theorizing what would happen next with the looming Star Wars section set to open. 

The Star Wars franchise has a ginormous fanbase crossing into even those who are not fans of Disney. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to be a massive crowd draw to the already overly-crowded Disneyland Resort. In order to combat these crowds, Disneyland has created a new calendar for Annual Passholders, limiting which parks guests can visit on which days.

Staring June 2019, instead of one calendar with green days meaning ‘Good to Go!’ and grey days meaning ‘No!’ for both Disneyland and California Adventure, passholders will have TWO CALENDARS (one for each park) to check before heading into a day at the parks. Those holding Deluxe level passes and below have been hit the hardest with this change, with higher level passes seeing no difference.

  • Currently, there are no changes to the blockout dates for Signature or Signature Plus annual passports.
  • For Deluxe passholders, on the plus side, get more Disney days with their pass in June 2019. The downside, they get fewer actual Disneyland days. This change opens up summer Saturday dates to this level of Passport that were normally blocked out to those who didn’t have the hightest tier.
    • Deluxe Annual Passport holders previously had 25 June days at both parks, but in June 2019 they’ll have 13 days of both parks, and 17 days at DCA only
  • For SoCal and SoCal Select passholders, at least for June 2019, their Disneyland Resort Annual Passport is really a Disney California Adventure pass.
    • SoCal Passport holders previously had 19 days of admission to both parks in June. With the new passport park restrictions, during June of 2019 they’ll have no admission to Disneyland, and 20 admissions to DCA.
    • Select Annual Passport holders previously had 4 June days in both parks, but starting June 2019 they’ll have 3 days at DCA.

Disneyland will be extending its planning calendar to 13 months to allow people to see and plan which days are best for their level of Passport to visit the Disneyland Resort in June 2019.

MANY Passholders are upset with these changes – feeling it limits what they’re paying for. I, however, am unbothered. The benefit of being a Passholder is being able to go to Disneyland ‘more often’ and ‘on your terms’. There have literally been evenings where I’ve gone just to have a hot dog, ride one ride, and go home.

Because of the changes to the Passholder program, I may not be able to enjoy Galaxy’s Edge when it opens during summer – but in the first few days of fall in the park’s off season – it’ll be all mine.

Source: WDW News Today






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