Diane Nelson Steps Down as President of DC Entertainment Warner Bros Consumer Products.


According to THR, Diane Nelson has officially, stepped Down as President of DC Entertainment Warner Bros Consumer Products. While sudden, this move was not unexpected after a leave of absence since April 2nd.

When Diane took the helm in 2009, she had already a great track record of championing fan-based projects like the Harry Potter series, Batman: Arkham Video Game series, Mortal Kombat, among other titles. She is responsible for the development of the DC Universe of movies and all WB’s scripted shows based on DC properties. In fact, it seemed that entirety of the DC brand has been spearheaded and revolved around her guidance from comics to film and everything in between.

Nelson announced today, “Warner Bros. has been my home for over 20 years with a wide variety of incredible professional experiences. The last nine–rebuilding and managing DC Entertainment–have been a particular highlight and privilege. With the support and talents of our staff and creators, I am proud to leave DC even stronger than when I joined it. I will miss everyone—particularly my executive management team—without whom none of our achievements could have been realized. And I am excited to take on my next professional adventure.”

It’s said that the plans Diane put into place will remain until the interim, but once a new President is named, the future of the DC Universe is unknown.

Warners released a staff from chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara:

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to let you know that Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, who took a leave of absence at the end of March, has decided to step away from her executive duties here at the Studio. Attached is the press release that will be issued this morning.

Diane has been a friend and colleague as well as a valued member of the Warner Bros. family for more than 20 years. While we’re sad she’ll be leaving us, we completely respect and support her decision.

As previously announced, the DC Executive Management team will continue to report to Thomas Gewecke in the interim, and Pam Lifford will now report directly to me.

Please join us in wishing Diane all the best.


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