Ultimate Alliance, Assemble! (Possible reboot for Marvel video game powerhouse)


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Rumor has it that Square-Enix’s newest game with Marvel could be a reboot of the beloved Ultimate Alliance franchise. Last January Square-Enix announced a Multigame deal with the comic giant, which would begin the Avengers Project. We don’t know much at this point but we hear its going to be a “Third Person Cover Style” game.


A user on 4chan, who chose to stay anonymous, stated that the only thing the same from the first two game is just the title. It’s a whole revamp of the style and game play, much akin to the newest God of War. Plus this will also take place in the same universe as the new Spider-Man coming out soon on PS4.


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What really intrigues us is which characters will be available at launch or worse who will be store exclusives to only later be available either as free dlc or an add-on. what extra suits or skins will we get too? Not only that but with are they going to be stuck with a certain amount of characters to work with or are they going to dig into the vault and pull out some oddballs like Tt games did with Lego Marvel Superheroes 2?

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We aren’t trying to bag on the game yet but are a little skeptical as to if or where the direction of this multigame deal is going to go with this being the first stepping stone. It will fly off the shelf or you’ll be that lucky guy to get it on clearance at a store with there exclusive black suit Spiderman on the cover rather than Captain America, cause no one jumped on it when they should have.


If they do reboot who would you like to combo together moves with?



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