REVIEW: Image Comics SPAWN #286 (SPOILERS)


It may sound weird but Spawn is going to prison and staying there… for now. With this newest issue of Spawn, Al Simmons is on the hunt for his Wife’s Killer. In which the trail his has followed has brought him to prison.


Here’s a brief synopsis straight from

“On the trail of his wife’s killer, Spawn plants his seeds that will lead him to the mysterious murderer!”


We find ourselves with Spawn thrown into the general population with nothing but his mask on. Once noticed, which is quickly, the boys that run the yard decided to take Simmons to a private area to “show dominance.” Once behind closed doors, Spawn smiles cause he’s now able to shows his true colors and finds the person he has been looking for to get him a little closer to his Wife’s Killer.


Soon after this first encounter, Spawn quickly fakes the top’s dogs death, making his wife’s killers lead alone and need Spawn more than ever. The Warden notices these strange events happening in his prison and finally figures out where he recognizes this mysterious man in a Spawn mask. With this knowledge, The Warden decides to show Al Simmons an old friend of his that the prison has been hiding… OVERTKILL!!!


For a second issue in this story arc, this feels like an okay comic. It feels like Todd McFarlane is trying really hard to get down this “horror” feel for Spawn and McFarlane may not have his pacing down yet. Art by Jason Shawn Alexander is awesome though. It feels like your reading Spawn if he was in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. Even with the 3 line briefing you get before starting this comic, you tend to either get lost, not know people’s names or even feel like Spawn isn’t trying to follow a killer.


All in all, this is a Okay comic. Nothing crazy, nothing surprising, nothing new.

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