Ranger Slayer and Gravezord Attack Angel Grove: Go Go Power Rangers #10 Comic Release


Boom Studios does it again with their amazing re imagining of our favorite Superheros from Angel Grove.

Go Go power Rangers #10 just released and we finally get to learn more about Ranger Slayer and her GraveZord

We Learn a few things from this issue

-Kimberly and Bulk are a team in the Ranger Slayer’s universe
-Zordon has the power to fix many  things that are wrong  in the world but doesn’t
-Billy seems to developing some new powers.
-The Gravezord is made up of fallen zords and instead of fixing them she combined them all together into one superzord!
-Angel Grove has precautions for Angel Grove monster attacks.

Apart from that we only really get a small taste of what is to come for our Power Rangers.

Will they find a way to defeat Ranger Slayer? What happen to Kimberly to change her into The Ranger Slayer?  And what is going on with Billy?

Be sure to check out our video below and let us know what you thought about the new Comic? Brad Richardson Authentic Jersey

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