PREVIEW: Boom! Studios: Rocko’s Modern Life #5


If you were a huge fan of Rocko’s Modern Life television show, you should pick up a copy of Boom! Studios: Rocko’s Modern Life issue 5.  Not only are the comic books reminiscent, but also gives more fun adventures of your favorite characters. This week’s issue we follow Rocko on a brand new adventure, while he faces challenging obstacles with his new job.

Rocko finally has a new job and he is struggling with a presentation that he is presenting for the new company he is working for, the fast food restaurant The Chunky Chicken. While he tries to impress his bosses with some new branding ideas, they don’t like them. Rocko’s boss then gives him a smartphone to learn more about how advertisement works in today’s world. Rocko then learns about social media, he creates his own twitter account and posts random photos and learns that he can accumulate friends. Rocko then posts a photo of his dog Spunky, who is dressing up and posing in front of the mirror.

The photo goes viral and Rocko gets a bunch of friend requests, which leads to his addiction to social media. Rocko’s job later finds out about his shenanigans and put him and his dog under contract, since they are famous. Later at an event, Spunky the dog is what the fans want and leaves Rocko behind for fame.

This issue was such a fun and great read and makes you want to come back for more!

It also ends with a bonus mini story of Hef and Rocko shopping for a couch from a store that is referenced from IKEA.

Rocko’s Modern Life issue 5 is available in stores June 6, 2018

below are some previews:

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