Keiynan Lonsdale Not Returning As A Series Regular For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4


It has been confirmed by that Keiynan Lonsdale who plays Wally West, will not be returning as a series regular for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4.

So it seems like Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale could be leaving the role of Kid Flash behind as it seems like he will not be joining the team on their fairy tale adventure for season 4 of Legends Of Tomorrow. This comes after Wally was transferred from The Flash to come aboard the Waverider after being recruited by Arthur Darvil’s Rip Hunter to help take down the time demon known as Mallus.

Deadline has also confirmed that Keiynan Lonsdale will not be returning as a series regular on The Flash Season 5 either, meaning that Keiynan Lonsdale may be taking a step back from the Kid Flash role. However, just because he won’t be a series regular, does not mean he is done with the role. He could still show up on either The Flash or Legends Of Tomorrow as a recurring character or as a guest spot, meaning he is still available to show up, just not as a full time cast member. However Wally will be showing up in the season 5 premiere of The Flash, which makes sense as we last saw him in the season finale of The Flash Season 4 to greet his half sister Jenna Marie West.

This change could be because Keiynan Lonsdale has been getting a lot of spotlight recently thanks to his blossoming music career and also starring in the big hit Love, Simon. Keiynan‘s step back from the show could be so he can focus on other aspects of his career. If Wally has left the Legends though, the gap will be filled as Matt Ryan (John Constantine) and Jess Macallan (Ava Sharpe) have both joined Legends Of Tomorrow in series regular positions so this should make up for the missing member of the show.

While Keiynan will surely be missed by the audiences of both shows, there is an extremely high possibility that he will return to the shows at some point as I’m sure they will welcome him back with open arms.

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