Hasbro Reveal First STAR WARS SDCC 2018 EXCLUSIVE!!!!


With San Diego Comic Con over a month away, we’re starting to get more and more sneak peaks of all the hard to find exclusives. Besides Funko the second most popular seller at SDCC would have to be Hasbro. Since Hasbro starting releasing their SDCC exclusive Star Wars Black Series a few years ago, collectors are always waiting to see what they have coming each July. Well fans are in luck today with Hasbro unveiling their first SDCC exclusive and true fans of Star Wars comics will love it.  Instead of a Black Series set we’re getting some good old 3.75-inch scale figures. Hasbro’s newest set of figures is a three-pack featuring Doctor Aphra and her droids Triple Zero (0-0-0) and Beetee (BT-1). The set includes the three figures and three accessories. It will be available at the Hasbro Booth (#3329) at the show.

Now if you don’t know who Doctor Aphra and these droids are don’t worry. Back in 2015, Aphra was introduced in Darth Vader #3. She is an archaeologist who also has a knack of fixing hard to fix Droids. 0-0-0 and BT-1 are both assassination droids who are also in charge of a small crime syndicate. Darth Vader recruited Aphra and the droids after the Battle of Yavin. Needless to say these are some real bad asses. The set is retailed for only $50 and they will be hot sellers. So if you can’t make it to Comic Con next month you’ll probably be able to find this set on EBAY.

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