Death Or Glory #2 Is Speeding Downhill


Glory Owen has one more chance to save her dad, but this time she has some help in Death or Glory #2.

Owen lost the chance to get the money at the end of the previous issue and instead stole a truck full of drugs to sell.  However, the trucks was not full of drugs and actually just full of immigrants. She decides to use what money she has to buy them all bus tickets out of town.

While sitting and contemplating what to do next Owen gets a visitor.  All but one immigrant left on the bus. Pablo decided to stay and it is a good thing he did.  During the course of the last issue Owen was shot, but Pablo is able to sew her up.

Pablo is looking for his family and Owen is looking for money to save her dad.  The location where Pablo’s family is most likely being held will have money there.  At this point they form a partnership.

Korean Joe wants whoever stole his truck brought to justice.  Owen and Pablo move ever closer to Joe, but can they reach their goals before before they are caught?

I thought the first issue set up a great crime story and I was really looking forward to the next issue.  However, this issue veered in a direction I was was not expecting and didn’t really like.

My favorite kind of crime story is dark, serious and disturbingly real.  This series is not that which I kind of liked because it was different. However, it has gone way too off path for me.  I thought the issue was too light-hearted and had too many jokes. It took away the stakes for me. This struggle was supposed to be life or death for her dad, but the humor diffused that tension.

A crime story has to have tension of some kind and I feel the issue lost all that when it got silly.  Some sexual tension may be starting to develop between Owen and Pablo which is a good start.

Another aspect which took some of the tension and stakes away were the unrealistic characters.  We meet a luchadore crime boss and at one point a character puts a chilli pepper up another character’s butt for no reason.

If this comic wants to be a humorous crime story then fine, but go all out.  However, this comic is trying to be serious and funny. When trying to do both it fails at both.  If it picked a side and stuck to it I feel it could have done a good job. There are some serious moments in this issue and they were done well, but they were followed by a funny scene.

This issue was a major step backwards for me.  I loved the first issue and wanted more of that tension, but this issue let a ton of that tension go.  Hopefully the next issue can regain some of the potential I saw in the first issue.







Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Bengal

Cover by: Bengal and  Julian Totino Tedesco

Release: 6/6/18

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics


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