Bloody Set Photos from ‘Doom’ Reboot


It looks like the upcoming reboot for the film Doom is about to raise some hell. While the 2005 adaptation was a disappointment, fans could have a lot to be excited for in this upcoming film.

The 2005 Doom film which starred Dwayne Johnson, dismayed fans due to its omission of including Hell as part of its storyline, as it did in the games. The video game, released in 1993, was a first-person shooter which involved a marine fighting his way through a demon-infested Mars base.

The forthcoming film has recently wrapped production in Bulgaria. Attached as the director for Doom is Tony Giglio (S.W.A.T.: Under Seige), who assured fans via his Twitter account that they will not be shying away from the gore in this reboot.

Typically the video games have followed a male marine dubbed “Doomguy”. Instead, this second adaptation features a female protagonist played by Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time). She recently took to Instagram to give us a taste of her costume, as well as the set of Doom.

With the recent success of the 2016 Doom game, Universal took note by taking a chance on rebooting the franchise, albeit with a smaller budget. This probably explains the straight-to-video strategy as opposed to a theatrical release. With successful films and TV shows going straight to the digital outlet, fans shouldn’t overlook this film.

It’ll be interesting to see how loyal Tony Giglio and Universal are to the style and storylines from the video games. Personally, I’m hoping for those pink fleshy, minotaur-like monsters, “Barons of Hell”. Most importantly, I want to see some chainsaw action, if Amy’s character ever loses ammo. Speaking of which, let’s hope fanboys don’t get too pixel-minded in the fact that there’s a female lead for Doom.

Doom has yet to announce a release date.


Source: Screenrant Brent Qvale Jersey

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