Will Disney / Fox Merger Put Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom In Jeopardy?


As Disney and 21st Century Fox draw nearer to finalizing their proposed merger, it seems that the deal may spell doom for the standalone Doctor Doom film that has generated buzz since being announced last summer.

Director Noah Hawley, best known as the showrunner for FX’s hits Legion and Fargo, stated in an interview with Vulture that the joining of the two entertainment giants casts a shadow of doubt on the project, for which he already has a finished script.

“I know there’s also a little uncertainty, given the potential for a Disney merger and the fact that Marvel may regain control of X-Men and Fantastic Four,” Explains Hawley. “They may have a plan of their own in a desk drawer. I just don’t know. So, I think there’s sort of a sense of uncertainty.”

Despite the ambiguity of the film’s future, Hawley remains dedicated to the project.

“I think the studio would like to make it.”

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