SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Already Losing Over $50 Million!


As if it can’t get any worst for Solo: A Star Wars Story, it looks like the film will actually end up taking a loss after all. After it’s third day of release, Solo has rapidly gone from Box Office hit to Box Office dud. With the film only a few weeks ago projected to rule the Memorial Day weekend with an estimated $170 million haul actually ended up only bringing in a little over a $100 Million. This past weekend Solo brought in a lousy $30 Million which brings its overall worldwide total $264 Million. It is now projected that Solo will only bring around $400 Million over all, which will be the worst ever for a Star Wars film.

If these projected numbers hold up then SOLO is on it’s way to lose $50 to even $80 Million when it’s all said and done. With the extra months of reshoots Solo cost an estimated $240 Million to make. With the Millions Disney payed for Marketing, there’s no way for the film to make money at this point. When the Force Awakens came out it made an incredible $2.068 Billion over all, Rogue One made $1.056 Billion and The Last Jedi brought in $1.332 Billion over all. It’s truly sad that Solo will not come close to these numbers, and honestly I blame fans and word of mouth.

Han Solo box office:

Domestic:   $148,989,574
Foreign:      $115,397,526
Worldwide: $264,387,100 Linus Ullmark Authentic Jersey

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