Gentle Giant Reveal Their Supersized BOBA FETT SDCC 2018 Exclusive


With news that on of the next stand alone Star Wars films will indeed be a BOBA FETT story, everyone wants more Fett. Would you believe the famous Bounty Hunter is turning 40 this year? To celebrate Gentle Giant is releasing a special Giant Sized Return Of The Jedi figure and it’s amazing. Yahoo Entertainment dropped the news today and showed some images for the 2018 San Diego Comic Con exclusive. The 12 inch figure was digitally scanned from its 3 3/4 original Jedi figure. Along with non removable rocket that everyone hated, the figure will come in a reproduction backer card and blister shell that made all the original Star Wars figures famous.

All you have to do to get your hands on one of these beauties is pick one up at the Gentle Giant Ltd booth during San Diego Comic Con weekend July 18-22. I bet your’e wondering how much this bad boy is? Only $80!! And if you weren’t one of the lucky ones to score a SDCC badge you will be able to order the figure via Gentle Giant Ltd.’s Premier Guild Collectors club June 4-6. More information is available on the Gentle Giant Ltd. site.

With the 35th anniversary of the Return Of The Jedi just passing, it makes sense to release this popular figure from that line.

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