DC Cinematic Universe – Possible Leaks!

Possible Justice League Cast Anger

Both Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller are not happy with their Justice League appearances.  Cyborg’s portrayal in Justice League upset Fisher.  Warner Bros also dropped him from The Flash and a solo Cyborg film.  More bad news for Fisher is that Cyborg is moving from film to television.  The character will lead the upcoming Doom Patrol streaming TV series.  The TV series will likely cast another for the television role.

According to Reddit, Ezra Miller is also unhappy with Justice League.  Joss Whedon cut the Flash’s back story.  Miller’s anger could be with that rather than any issues with the Flash’s portrayal.  Miller is still playing the character in a solo Flash film. Kiersey Clemons has confirmed she will play the Flash’s love interest Iris West.

Ben Affleck has gone back-and-forth over continuing to play Batman.  Jake Gyllenhaal was a leading contender to take over, but he’s in talks to join Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Reddit reported Affleck may be having “money issues” and want to take the role for a larger salary.  It also claimed Henry Cavill liked Justice League’s different take on Superman.

The Batman

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