Concept Art From SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Show What Could Have Been

Other than the opening act I truly had no issue with Solo: A Star Wars Story, in fact I loved the film. Scene after scene, I could tell what was Lord and Millers Solo and then I saw Ron Howard’s Solo and overall Howard made a love letter for STAR WARS fans. Now that the film is out, more and more details are coming out of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s original vision of the film. Last week we showed you concept art for what the original version of Dryden Vos almost looked like. When Lord and Miller were let go and Ron Howard was brought in, Howard and Disney knew a lot of the original concept had to be thrown out and scenes that could have been were scrapped for Howard’s new vision of the film.

Over the weekend some concept art came out showing amazing scenes that almost went to screen. It’s not known if any of these scenes were indeed shot in the end and re shot. I love this are especially because they have a little McQuarrie aspect to them. Check out these awesome almost scenes!

In this scene Enfys Nest attacks Han and crew while they are completing the Kessel run. It was later decided that they should save the Nest confrontation till the climax of the film.

The scene seems to depict Han being rescued from a burning building or structure of some sort. Maybe this was Dryden’s yacht in the original script. It does look quite dramatic.

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