STAR WARS Twitter Account Might Have Just Confirmed A SOLO Theory


One of the numerous things that I absolutely loved about SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY were all the awesome Easter eggs scattered thru out the film. One in particular might have just been confirmed on the STAR WARS twitter account. One of the main theories that fans are talking about includes Lando and L3. The scene in question happens towards the end of the film when L3 is shot on the salt mines and Lando runs to the droid to rescue it. To navigate out of the Kessel run Lando uploads L3’s navigational data to the ship and then starts referring to the Falcon as her the rest of the film.

As soon as i noticed this, instances of Han calling the Falcon girl or her finally made sense to me. Was L3-37’s consciousness inside the Falcon this whole time? Is that why the falcon at time has a life of it’s known. After seeing the the attitude and all the sass that L3 gave everyone all of this makes sense. And I honestly do not think that the Star Wars twitter page didn’t tweet this out this week coincidentally.  Check out the tweet below.

It’s a throwback to C-3PO uttering the Empire Strikes Back line: “I don’t know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect.” This would suggest that C-3PO was unknowingly communicating with the fallen droid.

So of course some fans had to ask the questions everyone was thinking.

Does this truly mean that L3 is indeed part of the Falcon? I honestly think so. It’s eater eggs like these, as simple and subtle as they were that made me love SOLO so much. It was made for the fans and I truly appreciate that.

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