Rocksteady’s Superman Game To Be Unveiled At E3 2018


Rocksteady Games who previously developed the well regarded Batman Arkham Trilogy, fans have been wondering what the studio have been working on since they left the Dark Knight to rest in the Summer of 2015. Rumours recently have been seriously suggesting that they are working on a Superman game, and it could be revealed at E3 2018.

Ever since Rocksteady closed off their extremely successful Batman Arkham game franchise with Batman Arkham Knight in 2015, fans have been speculating as to what they have been up to since they stepped away from The Caped Crusader. There were plenty of rumours surrounding what the London based studio had going on behind the scenes, but the one rumour that consistently perched itself above the rest, was a game featuring the Man Of Steel. More specifically an open world game where you can fly around Metropolis as Superman, saving citizens and completing heroic tasks in the world alongside the main story like in the well regarded Spider-Man 2 movie tie in game.

Recently, an article from Screen Rant has shed some light on some online chatter. A reader of Game Informer asked Andrew Reiner (executive editor for Game Informer) “Thoughts?!?” with a picture of Superman attached. Andrew sparked the rumours even more by replying to the tweet saying “He needs a new cape.”. This suggests that Rocksteady’s Superman game could be getting front cover status in Game Informer’s July Issue as the main highlight for the month of July. This is nothing new for Game Informer, they have been known to take massive games and stick them in the spotlight of their front covers as their first big reveal, however if the rumour is true, that means that the game itself could be getting it’s first big showcase at E3 in just under a weeks time.



More specifically, it is likely that the game would be revealed on Microsoft’s stage to be premiered on the Xbox One X ie; the worlds most powerful console. Seeing the game on the big stage on the world’s most powerful console would be something for fans to behold and it would definitely help Microsoft as it seems like they do not have a lot going for them right now. If Microsoft were able to obtain the marketing rights for Rocksteady’s Superman game, this would help boost the brand a huge amount which it desperately needs. It would also be an interesting turn as the Arkham series has always been associated with Playstation, so to see Rocksteady jump ship to Xbox is kind of a big deal.

A leak from 4chan have hinted at what we could be seeing in the teaser trailer. however take these leaks with a grain of salt. The 4chan article suggests that we could be seeing Brainiac show up as a major antagonist, who after a major battle with Superman has managed to weaken him. The trailer then cuts to gameplay footage where we see some of the game’s mechanics, we see Kal-El flying through Metropolis taking down some of Brainiac’s drones. Flying through Metropolis is sure to be an exhilarating experience, rivalling that of swinging through New York in Spider-Man 2, or gliding through Gotham City in Rocksteady’s previous superhero outings. Just think about those cape physics!

The trailer seems to push the idea that Brainiac will be the main antagonist of the game, being the recurring threat that you will have to deal with as you make your way through the story. However similarly to the Arkham games having plenty of other villains from Batman’s rogues gallery thrown in the mix, you can be sure that other villains such as Lex Luthor or General Zod to at least be referenced in the game.

While many thought that Rocksteady were working on a Justice League game, it seems like a Superman game is a more likely option at this point. However all will hopefully be revealed in the next couple of weeks and hopefully we will be suiting up in our inside out underwear to soar across Metropolis around 2019.

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