In Memoriam: A WALKING DEAD Tribute


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With the news of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan’s impending exit from The Walking Dead, the biggest question on everyone’s minds is obvious: How are they leaving?

Fans of the hit AMC show have long been accustomed to the knowledge that any of our favorite characters could go at any time. Ever since creator Robert Kirkman was quoted as saying “No one is safe,” writers of the show have taken every opportunity to put that philosophy into practice, and we as a fandom have learned by now that it’s not a matter of will they die, but when/how will they bite it? (Pun intended.)

In anticipation of our fearless leader’s inevitable demise, we take you back through the seasons, to the most memorable of Rick’s group who went from Walking Dead to, well, just plain dead.

*Warning*: If you’ve just started the show/are playing catch up/ have been living under a rock for the past 8 years, MAJOR SPOILERS AND A FEW NSFW IMAGES AHEAD. Last chance!

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