Could Selwyn Ward Be Returning For Power Rangers 25 Anniversary Episode?


Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel celebrates the 25th year that Power Rangers has been on the air. With a quarter of a century comes a celebration. During the show’s 10 year, we got Forever Red, which many argue may be the best Power Rangers single episode ever. Once A Ranger was the episode fans got for the 15th year of the show, and during the 20th year was the underwhelming Legendary Battle on Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

No official announcement has been made about a 25 year team-up, but a source close to us here at That Hashtag Show have been told the episode had been shot in New Zealand sometime ago. We’ve already speculated on some of the Rangers that will be making their return to the iconic show and it started with Ciara Hanna when she played coy at a Panel hosted by That Hashtag Show. It now looks like the Ninja Steel Rangers and Gia, from Super Megaforce will be joined by the Blue Space Ranger , T.J. Johnson, played by Selwyn Ward!

This photo of Selwyn and current Pink Ranger, Chrysti Ane leaked earlier today on Instagram. If you look at the picture you can tell Selwyn is wearing his jumpsuit from Power Rangers in Space. This is a clear indication that T.J. will be returning to help the current Rangers or possibly be a prisoner of some sort. More on that in another post.

Along with Ciara, and Selwyn, JDF hinted to us that it’s possible Tommy Oliver could return as well, and let’s be honest, what’s a reunion without the most popular Power Ranger of all time. It would also be a missed opportunity to not bring back Yoshi Sudarso, who played Koda, the Blue Dino Charge Ranger, and also happens to be the brother of current Blue Ranger, Peter Sudarso. Also, Mike Ginn from one of the best Power Rangers seasons ever created, RPM told us that Gemma, Ranger Series Silver, played by Li Ming Hu, would also be returning.  Who else would you like to see return for the 25th year of Power Rangers? Leave a message in the comments below. Josh Doctson Jersey

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