Comic Rewind: Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1


Peter Quill is on a mission to find the one artifact which can help him destroy Thanos in Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1.

Quill is in a space orphanage to find the Mandalay Gem, but some Badoon aliens are also there for the gem.  The Badoon are having some awesome luck because they get the gem and the heavy bounty on Star-Lord’s head.

This looks to be the end of Quill and we will never hear from him again.  However, this is the legendary Star-Lord we are talking about so he is easily able to escape.  Quill flies away with his freedom and the gem just to run into what is left of the Spartax empire.

As if things were not troublesome enough the commander of the Spartax Royal Guard is a sister he never knew he had, Captain Victoria.  However, Quill is a crafty veteran at getting out of sticky situations.

Quill has everything he needs to kill Thanos and is heading straight at him.  It turns out Quill and Thanos made a truce while escaping the Cancerverse. However, that truce is up and Quill needs to kill Thanos before he can start his reign of terror again.  

Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 was written by Sam Humphries with art by Paco Medina and Freddie E. Williams II.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2015.

I was really excited to to read a Star-Lord comic.  As everyone in the known universe I am a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Star-Lord specifically.  This volume did not live up to my expectations though.

The humor was not really there like I had wanted.  It was really lighthearted which is good, but it was not really funny.  There was only one scene in the volume which was funny. Quill also did not ooze cool and was not a lovable loser.  He was just a boring guy who tries to embody those attributes.

This comic has big stakes because it is about Quill trying to stop Thanos, but I don’t feel like it did a good job of showing that.  The big showdown happens and there is a fight, but it is over very quickly. It ends up being completely pointless.

The whole volume leads up to this moment and to the big showdown and then nothing.  In actuality the volume is setting up the Black Vortex event.  However, why even set up the Thanos stuff if it is not the point of the volume and is a complete tease?

I found the volume very boring.  There was no excitement and was not a big epic story which I really wanted it to be.  This is absolutely a volume which can be skipped and should be skipped for any Star-Lord fans.


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