STAR WARS: SOLO Keeps Tanking With Awful $8.15 Million Friday


It’s been a rough week for SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. After a less than successful first week opening, the film continues to to bomb at the box office. The film brought in an estimated $8.15 Million on Friday night. This is quite the huge drop off compared to how much it brought in last Friday when it made $35.6 Million. It was only a week ago that SOLO hit a record for a Thursday night bringing in $14.1 Million. Many thought SOLO was going to bring in the biggest Memorial weekend take of all time and it was thought It was going to make around $170 Million. But after that massive Friday, the film dipped drastically and all in all brought in a paltry $101 Million in the US.

All in all Solo has brought in $127.7 Million domestic and overall world wide it’s made $210 Million. Far below what Disney was hoping. Out of all the Disney Star Wars films, SOLO now has the second lowest take so far, and it’s even doing worst then the Prequels! This film was doomed even before it was released. From the original directors being fired, actors needing acting classes, budget problems etc it was never ending. It’s truly a shame this film isn’t getting the attention it should, Kwon Alexander Womens Jersey

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