STAR WARS EPISODE IX Teaser Trailer Most Likely Coming November


With SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY coming a mere 5 months after the last STAR WARS film The LAST Jedi, this means we’ll have to wait over a year till we get another Star Wars film. Solo has been warmly received by critics but it’s been panned by Star Wars fans and because of that Solo is quickly drowning and becoming a bomb for Disney. So what’s next? JJ Abrams Episode IX will start principle photography next month but Solo will be a distant memory for all those angry Star Wars fans. I personally loved it and it angers me that word of mouth basically killed this great film.

Solo didn’t release a trailer till Super Bowl sunday, 4 months before the film came out. But if JJ has his way we should be getting a EPISODE IX trailer way way before the film comes out next December. A few Star Wars bloggers have revealed that the trailer will indeed drop this Fall and only because if what JJ did leading up to the Force Awakens. Mike Zeroh said: “I think they will do something similar to The Force Awakens. Since they are filming from July, they will have enough footage by November to put together a short teaser.”The same happened in November 2014. A trailer dropped just before Thanksgiving. We’ll get the official trailer in April 2019 during Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.”

With the article we put out already about Episode IX’s working title we’ll be getting more and more after production starts.

Zeroh added: “We will probably learn the official title as we enter post-production which is aimed for large 2018 to early 2019. Filming begins at the end of July and it is expected they will be filming for six months.”

Until then I suggest you go watch Solo and The Last Jedi on repeat because it’s going to be a long year.

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