REVIEW: King of Kings, Indiegogo Comic Preview… An Ungodly Amount Of Fun


What am I talking about this time: King of Kings, 30 page preview, An Indiegogo Comic currently running.


Created & Written by: Jesse Snider & Mark Poulton

Artist David Witt


Overall Review: 4 out of 5 gods

Is it worth a crowdfund? Surprisingly, yes!


Spoiler Free Review:

Ok, first, this isn’t an ad for the “King of Kings” project. We were asked to review their comic and that’s what this is, a review. I’m not going into the crowd funding, just the 30 page preview I was sent. Yes, I’m including a link to their Indiegogo at the bottom cause… well, cause I really liked the damn thing. I probably would have included the link even if I hated it, but it would have been a sarcastic link with air-quotes and italics and stuff.


When I agreed to review this comic, I didn’t know anything about it, I just love to read comics and any excuse to do so is cool with me. Other then the pebble watch, I have never had high hopes for any crowd funded anything- this was no exception. When I found out that it was about physical manifestations of gods in t form of famous music icons battle both physically and melodically to be the true King of Kings… see what they did there?! Yeah, I straight up rolled my eyes and prepared for the worst.


That said, this comic is pretty damn good. I found myself pleasantly surprised, enjoying myself, and wanting more at the end.


The art is energetic and fun as hell, like a Mad magazine Sergio Aragonés splash page where there is tons to look at beyond the main focus. It serves to support and move the story, it never plays it too serious, but defiantly knows when to turn up the volume. Please excuse the music pun there.


The dialogue is straight forward, balancing the characters written voice with the voice the reader puts on the visual characters nicely. And the story is a really easy to grasp tale, which makes the larger, harder to understand concept way     more interesting and fathomable. The stars here, are the characters- this could have been an lazy use of the gods as easy jokes or overused archetypes, but they play real and oddly relatable, for such huge deity personalities.

Each god is also amalgamated with a famous personality, so Budda looks like John Lennon, which in itself isn’t anything special, but his skin is wrapped around himself like a robe, which ups the anti a bit and makes for a good site gag.


Let’s talk about the story and spoil some shit.




Spoilery Review:

So, the big idea here is that the gods of our world; Odin, Jesus, Muhammad, etc… all got tired of people killing each other over them and agreed that every 100 years, there would be a battle of the bands where the biggest “record companies” would put forth their champions to find out who is the true, King of Kings. The music battles are less about music and more about beating the holy hell out of each other. It’s pretty fun.

So, it’s the present day and Odin and his band of demi-gods show up at the show and everyone is shocked, as he has been missing since the first battle. No one believes the Norse god has the chops to take down Jesus, who has won every year since the shows inception. The comic follows Odin and his band as the main characters, so we know they’ll get there, but there are some fun, creative, and gory side battles and character moments along the way.

The comic wraps up in flashback where we see the first battle came down to Odin and Jesus. Odin was the sure winner when God, with a capital G, interviened taking Odin’s eye as Jesus pisses in the socket. It’s pretty bad ass and a great cliffhanger in both leaving a “how are they gonna win this” and a great revenge set-up conceit.

I liked it. A lot.

Here’s the campaign link:

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