REVIEW: Justice League: No Justice #4 Cleans Up Real Nice After A Messy Start.


What am I talking about this time: Justice League: No Justice #4


Written by: Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder

Art by: Francis Manapul, Marcus To

Cover by: Francis Manapul


Overall Review: 3.5

     Omega Trees out of 5


Is it worth $3.99? Yes… finally!!!!


Spoiler Free Review:

We finally got there!!! After 2 junky issues and a halfway decent issue, we finally got to a good one. Well, mostly. Ok, just the last part, really. But I enjoyed that part a lot! The art is still solid, minus those dumb-ass Brainiac suit-variations. Characters actually start acting like themselves this time and some really great moments come out of it. That said, this comic starts off a microcosm of the series as a whole, It begins poorly and suddenly gets good near the end. That’s my review for both the series and this comic.


Spoilery Review:


We kick off back with the Green Lantern corps trying to protect the crack in the source wall. Hal gets called back to Earth and we never discuss this plot point again, a great way to wrap this running story up.

Back on Earth, the Omega Gods are about to chow down on the planet as our heroes rush back to stop them. Brainiac 2.0 shows up and the GL Corps punches him with a giant fist and then says “heard you needed a hand”… yeah, that’s really in a comic in 2018.

Anyway, the JL show up and they go fight the Omega-trees. This is where the comic makes a sudden right turn. All of a sudden, it gets good. Cyborg takes a leadership role and it works really well. There is a fantastic moment when Deathstroke tries to charge the entropy seed, and can’t. Lex just touches it and it’s charged. It’s pretty damn solid.

The solving of the Omega gods isn’t great, but it works; GL and Green Arrow work together, shooting the seed on a giant arrow into the other Omega God so they other two devour him. Like I said, eh, but works. After the victory, everyone takes off the crappy Brainiac outfits (finally) and Martin Manhunter and Lex have a fantastic conversation, setting up the Legion of Doom comic series in a logical and cool way. Batman and Black Lighting set up the Outsiders. Green Arrow is given something in a box that can destroy the Justice League. It’s like when Superman gave Batman the kryptonite ring, but waaaaay less cool. Finally, Martian Manhunter is made leader of the Justice League… again.


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