Geoff Johns Teases WONDER WOMAN 2


Ever since we dropped the big news that Kristen Wiig was playing Cheetah in the sequel to Wonder Woman, it’s been pretty quiet over at DC and Warner Brothers. Then finally today we got a small teaser from both director Patty Jenkins and President and CCO of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns. We had a feeling that the film was going to take place in the eighties, especially since Cheetah is the main villain this time around. And now it’s confirmed with the WW84 title. Check out Johns tweet with the teaser image below. Patty Jenkins then re tweeted the image a couple hours later.

All that’s known so far about the film is the Wiig will play Cheetah and Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor. With the eighties making a huge comeback with shows like Stranger Things and movies like Thor:Ragnarok it makes sense that DC would want to capitalize on this era while it’s still hot. The music choices alone will most include some of the best female vocalists from the 80’s just to keep up the trend. Shooting is believed to begin next month and the film is slated to release November 1, 2019. Are you guys excited for another Wonder Woman film? Wonder Woman was that one bright spot that DC and Warners honestly needed. It’s the biggest film in the DCEU so far after Batman V Superman and Justice League bombed. Here’s hoping Aquaman helps put the DCEU back on track. Sam Mills Womens Jersey

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