The High School Musical TV Series Has Found It’s Writer And Executive Producer


The High School Musical TV series is now one step closer to becoming a real thing, and while it’s still in the works, Disney has found both their writer and executive producer for the show.

Tim Federle, who worked on the screenplay for the animated comedy film,”Ferdinand,” is now attached on the project as both the writer and the executive producer. He has also worked on the screenplay for the animated film, “Foster,” alongside the songwriting duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Currently, nothing about the plot of the show, or who the characters are going to be is staying under wraps. But there is a high chance that this show could potentially be connecting to the 4th movie, which is said to be airing on Disney Channel, but no new news has been released about that project since summer 2016. But, now that we have this news, it definitely feels like we’re one step closer to finding out who will be directing the series.

Source: Variety

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