‘The Crow’ Loses Its Director Along with Jason Momoa


The Crow has yet to take off for flight. Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy have decided to part ways with project. The reboot film was already deep into pre-production and was set to start filming in Budapest within five weeks. Last September, Sony had already announced a release date of October 11th, 2019, but was close to exiting as the worldwide distributor for The Crow. Financial and creative differences were brewing between Sony and Samuel Hadida whose Davis Films who holds the rights to the character and was financing the film.

This is the second time the movie has lost its director in attempts to reboot the adaptation of the James O’Barr’s graphic novel, which was previously adapted by Alex Proyas and starred Brandon Lee.

The Crow had already been in the works for several years now and fans yearning to see the remake must be disappointed yet again. What are your thoughts? If the film returns without Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy, who do you hope to fill their roles?


SOURCE: Deadline Jim Bunning Authentic Jersey

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