Review: The Man Of Steel #1- Bendis Brings It to DC


What am I talking about this time: The Man of Steel #1


Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis

Cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis


Overall Review: 4.5 out of 5 Bendises

Is it worth $3.99? Yes. Yes it is.

Spoiler Free Review:

All eyes were on Bendis when he jumped the great divide and came to DC. After his first few pages in Action #1000, I was a bit worried cause he didn’t bring much that grabbed me there… but here… He’s brought a new character that seems interesting and formidable for the Man of Steel to face, as well as some emotional challenges for Clark and his family to overcome. The art is as great as the story. There are lots of little details peppered into the comic that really hold it up, songs Superman hears while saving the day, etc… It was a rocky start, but we got here, people, and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.


Spoilery Review:

Although it says we start on Krypton in the Comic, it seems after a single image of the planet, we actually begin in some ethereal realm, surrounded by the floating hologram-heads of all the great races of the DCU. Our newest villain Rogol-Zaar (I really hate that name, by the way) is holding court, begging the council for permission to destroy Krypton cause he thinks they are all assholes.

Back on Earth and in our time, Superman catches Killer Moth, poetically listens to someone sing with his super-hearing, then puts out a fire. It’s during the fire that he meets and seemingly flirts with red headed Deputy Chief Moore of the Fire Department.

Before we cut away back to Rogol, I’d like to comment on the great dialogue/banter here, it’s almost train of thought/poetic, frantic and flowery at times. At first it felt out of place, but it quickly solidifies and becomes a refreshing and it totally works. It’s a risk that must have gone through more than a few approvals and I applauded it.

Anyway, we cut back in time to a wild planet where the terribly named Rogol is keeping active by destroying the fiercest animal on the world. An Oan appears and tells him while they appreciate all the terrible things he’d done and endured… he does not have permission to kill all the Kryptonians. He’s seems pretty despondent about this news…as anyone would be after getting denied approval for genocide.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet (heh), Clark is writing up an article about the fire Superman stopped. Perry, Jimmy, and a the new girl make a panel appearance and Clark looks longingly at a picture of Lois and Jonathan. We flash back to som fun Superman family stuff at their apartment when a white flash hits the family as his son and wife call out to him… To be continued.

Really good stuff, you guys! I’m surprised and excited to see what’s next!

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