REVIEW: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Robin VS. Ra’s Al Ghul #1


What am I talking about this t=ime: Batman: Prelude To The Wedding – Robin VS. Ra’s Al Ghul #1


Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Andrew Hennessy, Bradley Walker

Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque


Overall Review: 5 angry Robins out of 5

Is it worth $3.99? Oh, yeah! Pick this up.


Spoiler Free Review:

Most tie-in comics are cash grabs that don’t move the story, characters, and just lamely dance around the bigger, main arc. This is not one of those. This is a fantastic dissection of the Damian Wayne watching his father marry another woman and the real life thoughts, feelings, and fears that come with that kind of change to the Status Quo. The art nails it, both in action an in revealing facial expressions. A top notch read from top to bottom; great action, authentic drama, and wonderful storytelling from top to bottom. Let’s get into this…



Spoilery Review:

We open on Damian getting fit for his wedding Thwab as Selina stands by attempting to connect to him. They both enter into the conversation acknowledging their own past and baggage, and yet they still seem unable to connect, both allowing assumptions about the other cloud the moment. After an realistically awkward moment when Damien assumes Selina wants to be called mom, he leaves to “celebrate” their nuptials in his own way. The look on her face upon hearing the word, “mother” is both unreadable and shocking all at the same time.

Robin arrives at a closed arcade so he can vent playing some video games, something we (I) can all (just me) relate to. However, Aion, the son of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman from the future, interrupts him, challenging to a battle him for the title of Robin, quickly interrupts him.

A great fight ensues and we find out that Robin has been drugged by Ra’s Al Ghul, and Damian is fighting his own demons and insecurities. We see him take the mantel of the Bat and lose control, only to realize this is all a vision and focusing down he comes face to face with his true enemy, the Demon’s Head. After a brief battle, he overcomes the drugs and rejects his father’s legacy, finding himself alone once again.

We cut to Wayne Manor, a drunk Selina stumbles in from her Bachelorette party to find Damian waiting for her by the fire. He is angry and sore (emotionally) and cuts through his own bullshit to ask straightforward questions about her and Bruce… do they want kids. Selina, in her own state, is able to be frank with him without playing games. She tells him she isn’t sure about kids and how much respect she has for him. They strike a deal that Damian doesn’t have to call her mom as long as they have each other’s backs. They agree.

In a creepy epilogue, we see that the Joker invaded a sect of the League of Assassins looking for a wedding invite, Ra’s see “ha ha ha ha” written on the wall know there will be trouble.


Seriously, the mix of action and emotion is in perfect balance here and their connection/lack there off if both perfectly in character and drives the story.

Great job, great comic.

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