10 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch The Clone Wars


9) Everything You want to know about Star Wars But Weren’t Afraid To Ask

How was Order 66 kept a secret, how were both sides controlled by the same man? How was certain tech created? What were the origins of some of those other Jedi? How does the Jedi order work? How do the Sith become Sith? How do the clones work? How can people prosper in times of war? What are the bounty hunters doing? How did lil’ Boba become Boba Fett? How does war change the Jedi order? What’s going-on on Mandalore? Who was Sifo-Dyas? And most current of all, how did a certain Solo: A Star Wars Story cameo get back on his feet?

All of these questions and so so much more are explored in the series, leaving no theory, question, or Easter-egg untouched.

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