10 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch The Clone Wars


8) The Troopers

Stop what you’re doing, cause I’m about to ruin… you ever looking at a Clone Wars helmet without tearing up. Through out the Clone Wars, we follow a handful of various Storm Troopers from their first mission to their (in most cases) last. It is heart wrenching to get behind the mask of these soldiers and give an identity to the identical white helmets. You learn the life of a Storm Trooper isn’t just blasters and marching, you see how being bred for one purpose begins to effect them. How they stand out to each other, how they communicate and understand each other as brother in war and in genes. The faces behind the helmets are the same, but the personalities are drastically different and can scar, bleed, and cry just like anyone. The true strength of this show rests on their armored shoulders and delivers every time in cheers… and sometimes in tears.

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