10 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch The Clone Wars



5) Ahsoka Tano is the everyman (everyJedi?) we needed all along.

Obi-Wan wasn’t a great foil for Anakin in the films, he was too staunch in his obedience to the Jedi order and too much of a mentor to be an window to the viewer. Through the course of the Clone Wars we literally grow up with Ahsoka, we watch her grow and see through her eyes as a window into this world. Her strong moral compass, ability to adapt, and desire to learn make her the perfect everyman (Everywoman? Everyperson? EveryTogruta?) for us to see this world, just as Luke was from the original trilogy. But beyond just how she works in the story as a whole, she is probably one of the best Star Wars characters ever created. Notice, I didn’t say “best female characters”, because her growth and decisions bring her, as a person, to the ranks of Han, Leah, Luke, Boba, et all.

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