10 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Watch The Clone Wars


4) Anakin is a good character to watch turn bad.

In the films, Anakin comes across as a bit too creepy, a bit too angry, and a bit too everything, really. They try to condense a truly intricate turn from righteous protagonist to merciless villain into a few measly hours, but Clone War has the ability to let the slow burn set in. We get to see the hot-headed hero of the republic be just that- a great warrior, strong in the force and a leader that people want to follow. He is the guy we want to root for and slowly we begin to see him change as the horrors of war, loss of friends, pain of love, and anger at hose who he believes are making bad decisions twist and change him. The shadow slowly crosses his face as he makes small steps, led and pushed by someone who he considers a friend, toward the dark side that will and does eventually consume him. It’s a beautiful slow burn, but a worthy origin for one of the greatest villains of all time.

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